Why I decided to move to Thailand

While I was living in China God laid the issue of the sex industry on my heart. God told me that all throughout the world women and children were suffering and crying out and I wasn’t doing anything about it. Three days later I had to leave China for a visa run and I chose the Philippines simply because tickets were inexpensive and the beaches were nice. But when I got there I was overwhelmed by the poverty. Street children begged for food while blank faced women sat outside of massage parlors and karaoke bars, actually fronts for brothels. At first I hated all of it. I wanted to get out as soon as possible, but God showed me that He wanted me living in a place like this and working with people like these.

When I got back to China I researched and read all I could find about modern day slavery, the sex industry and human trafficking. The statistics and stories were overwhelming. I knew God laid this issue on my heart and it was there to stay. I began to look for an internship or a volunteer position but it was difficult because I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for. God had given me a general idea of what He wanted me to do but He left out all the specifics. All I knew was that I was going home in July, I wanted to stay there for about two months, then I wanted an internship abroad doing something along the lines of anti human trafficking work.

But then I got a phone call from my parents. My mom had been diagnosed with stage two anal cancer. Right after the word “cancer” all of my plans shattered. How could I possibly even think of leaving again when my mom has cancer? I put my plans to the side and spent my time worrying about my mom and wanting to be home.

When I finally come home about a month later everything seemed the same. My mom decided to go the natural route and treat her cancer by living a healthy lifestyle, de-stressing and leaving it in God’s hands. She looked and felt better than before.

Since I didn’t have much else to do I began to volunteer with a local ministry called Be Free 58 that worked along side of women coming out of human trafficking and abusive relationships. One day while talking with my boss, Kimberly, she mentioned Impact School of Missions. It’s a ministry school in Thailand that sets up internships for it’s graduates with various different ministries, some of which worked with women coming out of the sex industry.

Next time I talked to Kimberly I had applied to the school. And then the next time I had been accepted. Soon after I booked my flight and I was officially going to Thailand! Over the past years I’ve had a lot dreams and plans for my life. Few of them were humble and I always wanted to accomplish great things, but they all had a way of falling apart. But when I pursued God’s plan for my life everything fell into place perfectly. I begin classes at Impact School of Missions on January 5, 2015 and I start my internship Samaritan Creations a month later.